Adult Ministries

At Hope, community and discipleship exist for all ages and stages.

Devotional Tips

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Online Discipleship

For all ages, all life stages

Please purchase your own book and begin reading. To join these groups, you will need the app downloaded on your phone or computer. It’s free at the app store called Zoom Cloud Meeting.

All online discipleship meetings begin with a waiting room and lock after 10 minutes. If any meeting abruptly ends, please do not rejoin. Zoom links can be found in the Hope Church weekly email or contact

Book Clubs

Monday Book Club | 4:30 pm
Paul: A Biography, N.T. Wright, with Gloria Wiese
January 11 – April 19

Monday Book Club | 7:00 pm
Can Science Explain Everything? John Lennox, with Cecil and Deb Massie
January 11 – March 1

Tuesday Book Club | 7:00 pm
Liturgy of the Ordinary, with Hilary and Judie Ritchie
February 23 – March 23

Wednesday Book Club | 10:00 am
The Undoing of Death, Fleming Rutledge, with Mary Beth Monsma
January 20 – April 7

Thursday Book Club | 6:30 pm
The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis, with Doug and Kirstie Dye
Begins January 14

Online Alpha

Mondays, January 18 – March 8 | 6:30 – 8 pm

Alpha Course. Whether you need a refresher in the faith or are asking questions about if you even believe, Alpha is a place to find connection and answers in an uncertain time.

The Walk
with Gloria Wiese + Pastor KC

Wednesdays, January 13 – February 10 | 6:30 – 7:30 pm on Zoom

Why do we try to do good things in order to please God? Why do we still sin? How do we draw near to God in the dark nights? How can I change? How do I listen to God’s voice? How do I implement the ideas I learn from reading the Bible or hearing a sermon into my daily walk of life? As we depend on the indwelling Spirit and experience abiding in Christ, we will experience a joyful obedience that flows out of a heart of love and gratitude without the burden of guilt and shame.

Prayer with the Pastors

Wednesday | 12:00 pm

Share scripture, encouragement, and pray together through Zoom with the pastors.

Women’s Bible Study:
Following Jesus through the Gospel of Mark

Thursdays, January 7 – March 25  | 9:30 – 11:30 am on Zoom
with Linda Heaner

We’ll listen to Jesus, travel with him, notice how he interacts with people, rejoice in his miracles, and walk with him to the cross. This fast-paced book has much to say to each of us today.

Devotional Life

Design A Personalized Discipleship Path—check out our online, step-by-step resource at and form a coaching triad

We want to be a people who pray together, care for one another, and are missed if we don’t show up.