Growing the faith of children in the context of the whole family.

Live Stream Worship

Worship together in your homes on Sundays.

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Names Matter.
Play is Sacred.
Relationships are Priority.

Moved by Jesus, we roll out the red carpet each week, encouraging all to “cross over” and build Christ-centered friendships with God and one another.

Deeper with Jesus

Wiggly Worshipers ZOOM Gathering (Preschoolers)

Sundays | 9:30 am
Parents and their preschoolers can gather with our Youth + Family Ministry staff on ZOOM while we lead preschool friendly worship, Show + Tell, Bible Stories and Prayer each Sunday before online worship begins.

Kids Church (K-5th graders)

Sundays | 10:00 am | Enter Door #3
As families arrive through Door #3 for in-person worship at Hope, K-5th graders can join us for Kids Church in Fellowship Hall. Kids will stay in socially distant spaces, while wearing masks, and participate in large group worship, games, Bible Stories and more. Parents will pick up their kids in the basement, after they leave worship that morning, and exit Door #1.

Wider in the Kingdom

KWAM (K-5th graders)

Wednesdays | 6:30 – 7:30 pm | Enter Door #3
As families arrive for in-person KWAM, they can pull up their cars and drop their kids off at Door #3. Kids will be welcomed, checked in, given name tags and brought to their ‘spots’ in the Social Events Room. Kids will stay in their spots, while wearing masks and participate in large group worship, games, and Bible stories. Parents will pick up their kids at 7:30 pm, outside Door #3. Please pull up with your car window down, ready to talk to our KWAM volunteers and let us know who you’re picking up.

Closer in Community

Parent Connect on ZOOM

Join with other parents, of all stages, as we cover helpful topics that will equip you to lead your kids in faith, learn with them, love them when it’s hard, and listen to them well.

Contact Us

For more information call Heidi Connors at 612/866-4050, ext. 3157, or email by clicking the button below.


Hope Shores Bible Camp

We offer summer youth camps for our students who have completed grades 2-12.  Camp days will be filled with fun and laughter, good food and great friendships. Campers will learn about faith in God through counselors, meaningful talks, activities, and worship.

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