Our staff is an intersection of unique callings and experiences.


David Lenz

Lead Pastor

612/866-4050, ext. 3135

Bruce Hillyer

Associate Pastor for Caring Community and Kingdom Partnerships

612/866-4050, ext. 3141

KC Dinardo

Associate Pastor of Rising Generations and Connecting Ministries

612/866-4050, ext. 3140

Children’s Ministry

Heidi Connors

Minister to Children and their Families

612/866-4050, ext. 3157

Preschool/Before + After School Care

Betsy Waltz

Director of Preschool, Before + After School Care


Student Ministries

Cesar Castillejos

Richfield Young Life Area Director
Creative Director, The Well

612/866-4050, ext. 3152

BJ Skoog

High School Church Partner with Young Life

612/866-4050, ext. 3150

Mia Franklin

Student Ministries Director of Small Groups

612/866-4050, ext. 3152

Hope Shores Bible Camp + Retreat Center

David and Kim Laufenburger

Hope Shores Bible Camp + Retreat Center Co-Directors

612/866-4050, ext. 3137

Ben Nordquist

Hope Shores Bible Camp + Retreat Center
Retreat Coordinator


Hilary Ritchie

Minister for Worship & the Arts

612/866-4050, ext. 3133

Dean Palermo

Minister for Traditional Worship

612/866-4050, ext. 3136

Adult Ministry

Gloria Wiese

Minister for Discipleship

612/866-4055, ext. 3142

Dawn Nelson

Discipleship Ministry Assistant

612/866-4050, ext. 3138

Megan Slinger

Inviting and Connecting Program Assistant

612/866-4050, ext. 3238

Sheryl Hjellming

Visitation Assistant

612/866-4050, ext. 3133


Peggy Turnbull

Missions Coordinator

612/866-4050, ext. 3132

Heidi Johnson

Director of Vine and Branches Clothing Center

612/866-4050, ext. 3129

Lin Peterson Barrett

Time For Tots Director


Administrative and Financial Staff

Keith Koenig

Director of Facilities and Administration

612/866-4050, ext. 3115

Kim Laufenburger

Executive Minister

612/866-4050, ext. 3137

Leslee Day

Senior Ministry Associate

612/866-4050, ext. 3131

Cindy Forsgren

Administrative Assistant for Facilities and Administration

612/866-4050, ext. 3110

Susan Lam

Bookkeeper and Financial Reporting Associate

612/866-4050, ext. 3118