Join us as we open Scripture and worship God together each Sunday.

Sundays at Hope

Live Stream Worship

10:00 am 

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What To Expect

We love Sundays at Hope Church! Sundays are when we get to worship and experience God’s presence together.

Together, we come into a warm, friendly environment just as we are–no need to worry about what to wear!

Together, we delight in worshiping Jesus through old and new music, praying, and listening to sermons.

Together, we dig deep into learning more about our faith through Bible classes and parent connection opportunities.

Together, we nurture children in safe, loving spaces, so that entire families experience the love of Jesus.

Come see for yourself why we love Sundays at Hope Church!

Worship Theme

James: A Faith That Matters

Why James?  Because we want to keep working on books of the Bible that start with “J.”  John, Jonah, James…

But seriously.  This is an interesting, challenging, even controversial book of the Bible that emphasizes practical application of the faith (“the gospel applied,” as Albert Mohler says), something that reminds us of the wisdom tradition of the Old Testament.  Martin Luther was skeptical about James, doubting that this book should be included in the biblical canon.  It is true that James’ voice is often quite different from Paul’s.  Though both are Jews, James has a much stronger Jewish sensibility.

There are themes here that are relevant to the challenges we face today:  2:1-13 (“Not Partiality, But Mercy”); 3:1-12 (“Taming the Tongue”); 4:1-12 (“Resisting Evil”), and more: the paradoxical burden of wealth, social position/social inequity, prayer…

Lao Service — Sunday, 10:00 am
Worship and Bible study in Lao