Rest in “Good Enough”

Rest in “Good Enough”

When Pastor Judie asked me to write a blog on rest I laughed
out loud. Really. Because I think I’m about the worst person in the world when
it comes to resting.

I struggle to rest because of the constant voice in my head
that says “do, do, do.” And worst of all, I believe the lie that the world
tells me that my worth is tied to what I accomplish. That I am worthy if I
somehow manage to run 3 miles, successfully align my curriculum, always look
nice, participate in and lead multiple church groups, and fully invest in
multiple relationships every week. That’s exhausting. And yet I still try and
do it.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely turn off that
“do, do, do” voice in my mind – if you’ve found a way let me know—but I do
think the Lord has been teaching me how to put it on mute.

Here’s what I’ve found: true rest is found when we accept
“good enough” and step into our heavenly worth.

So what does it mean to be “good enough”? “Good enough” is
accepting that there is NO WAY that we can do it all. It’s about setting
boundaries in our life and being ok with not being perfect. That’s right I said
it: you DON’T have to be perfect. “Good enough” is being ok with doing the best
that we could in a certain situation, instead of dwelling on what we didn’t do.

When we accept “good enough” in our lives, we can step into
our heavenly worth. This is the truth that there is nothing we can do to earn
God’s favor and yet we get it. We are worthy of receiving love despite all that
we do and don’t do.

So where does the elusive “rest” come in? True rest is found
when our identity is in Christ, not what we have or haven’t accomplished.  We rest in the truth that we are unconditionally
loved by the Creator of the Universe. That’s powerful.

Let’s be honest, when the grading piles up and I haven’t
grocery shopped in three weeks, this is really hard to believe.  But at the end of the day I have to remember
that Jesus came to bring life to the FULL; he doesn’t want my perfection. He
wants me just as I am.

Megan Slinger, Inviting & Connecting