The Hard Work of Finding Rest

The Hard Work of Finding Rest

We live in a culture that celebrates achievement and strives
for success. We glorify self-made millionaires, highlight their
accomplishments, and admire or even envy their drive. We work hard for our
money, think others should too, and overlook the lazy. We believe that hard
work really does pay off, which it can and often does; yet we still buy lottery
tickets hoping that a list of numbers will unlock our hopes and dreams.

We work hard until we find a smartphone app that will do it
for us. Then we can do more in less time, and free up more time for Angry Birds
or whatever your game of choice is. We have been pushed to a point where we
can’t ever do nothing. Or in better English, we always have to be doing
something. And our phones make it possible to buy into the lie.

 We work hard, work
smart, work often, and we’ve lost our sense of rest. We know we need it, but we
don’t have time for it. I am guilty as charged. I’ve convinced myself that
“rest “was only a yellow light, when God wanted me to pull over. I’ve convinced
myself that “rest” was a drive through fast food restaurant, when God wanted me
to come in and enjoy a feast.

Rest for your soul is more than slowing down. It’s even more
than stopping. It is a movement away from the busyness and chaos of life toward
stillness. The hard work of finding rest is running toward life.  Rest is found when we accept the invitation
of Jesus when he says, “Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will
give you rest.”

When we make accepting that invitation the hard work of our
lives, we’ll discover that abiding in His presence is the true key to unlocking
our hopes and dreams. May we work diligently to move toward Christ and find the
rest that our soul is longing to receive.

Cesar Castillejos, Student Ministries