Stop Doing Stuff

Stop Doing Stuff

I was busy in the kitchen cleaning one more dish, stacking
one more paper, wiping one more spot on the counter and suddenly my 4 year old
son screams, “Mom, stop doing stuff!” I was a little startled and caught off
guard, but I knew what he meant. He didn’t quite know how to say it, but I
wasn’t really “there” with him. We were talking and he was asking me to come
look at what he was working on, but I just kept doing stuff. He knew I wasn’t
really “there” and he called me on it.

That was almost 8 years ago now, but every once in awhile
this memory comes back to me. I catch myself listening, but not really
listening; talking with someone, but thinking about something else. And I’m
reminded of my little Michael yelling at me to stop doing stuff! I’m reminded to set that aside and truly be with
the person that I’m with.

Jesus wants us to stop
doing stuff
and be with Him. I know this. I teach this. I do this,
sometimes, but not often enough. The more we stop doing stuff and sit with Jesus, the more He has to say to us.

This summer I took some time to do this as I was preparing
for the fall program year. As I sat in prayerful reflection, my heart was
pressed with these words – “KC, you have not because you ask not.” The
impression kept coming back each time I sat and prayed. It took some time for
me to realize this truly was from the Lord. I had been feeling overwhelmed with
how I was going to do it all and get everything done. I had lots of holes to
fill and little time to do it. In the quiet of the moment, Jesus was telling me
exactly how. I simply needed to ask for help. I did ask and many people
responded. It is a joy to know that God really cares about the details of our
lives. When we pause to rest and abide with Him, God has meaningful things to
say to us. May we all find more time to “stop doing stuff” and sit with Jesus.

– KC DiNardo