A year ago I went trap shooting for the first time.  My son
had shown an interest in hunting so I asked some family members to teach us.
 They took us to a club near Elko and over the next few hours my son
improved quite a bit.  He hit 15 out of 25 the third round.
 I, however, went 0 for 25.  Every round.
 Each time a clay disc was mechanically thrown into the air I would point
and shoot.   And miss.  It was frustrating.  I became the center
of attention as others nearby came to watch, suggest and wonder why I was missing.

The next day at church our friend,
shooting expert, and fellow Hope member, Rick Saffrin, listened to my
frustration and advised me directly.  “I’ve never heard of anyone
missing all 25 every round unless they are left eye dominant and shooting from the right.
 The only way you will improve is to hold the gun on the left side.”
 Rick then put his hand on my shoulder, smiled, and with a mix of humor
and truth said, “And, Bruce, you are over 50, and at
your age you’re too old to make the switch.  Maybe it’s time to find a
different hobby.”

Well, I haven’t decided to totally give up yet.  But, it will
be difficult for sure.  

Likewise, as we continue in the months ahead to seek
Jesus anew I  realize that I might
be called to seek Jesus through disciplines that have been
difficult for me in the past.  But, this call,
unlike trap shooting,  I cannot walk away from; study,
prayer, resting, and serving may not all be easy
for me or  not all worked for me before.
 But, I feel a call from God to begin again; that I am to seek
Jesus anew together with you.  “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with
all your heart.”

I’m going to take the time at my age to take  Jeremiah
29:13 to heart. A heartfelt effort by me to find what Jesus wants and
where he leads will affect the future of Hope.  Hope can continue to be
a place where people come to seek and find Jesus.
– Pastor Bruce Hillyer