But Mom, He Looks Just Like Me!

But Mom, He Looks Just Like Me!

We had volunteered nearly every time Families Moving Forward was being hosted at Hope since Ivan was a baby, but it wasn’t until last year, at age 9, that Ivan met a kid exactly his age. The two boys had a great time playing and sharing stories about the latest YouTube videos and video games. In a mere two hours it was like they had known each other forever. When it was time for us to blow up our air mattresses and call it a night, Ivan asked me why the kid wasn’t going home. I was confused but then realized that he thought the kid was one the volunteers from the shift before us, not part of one of the homeless families we were serving.

“He’s homeless? But mom, he looks just like me!”

I was grateful that he got a better view of homelessness that night, one that I hope will stick with him for a lifetime. The picture of homeless people we are given in the media or those that we see on the off ramps are not the people we are serving through FMF. They are families that are working hard to get back on their feet, they are sacrificing a lot for the sake of their kid’s futures, they are often “just like us.”

-Wally (Pictured: Heidi  Walstrom, Children’s Ministries Associate)

In mid-December Hope Church will offers all its members a chance to put their faith into action by volunteering to help several Minnesota families stay warm and fed for a solid week. There are many ways to help out as Families Moving Forward moves into our church building on December 14th; we usually choose the “sleep overnight at church option” which Heidi (Wally) and I both agree is much more to our liking than cooking, and the boys love camping out at church! If you are willing to take a step of faith and fit this into your busy schedule this Christmas season, I believe this sacrificial act will be a lasting memory for your children and inspire and grow you and your families faith.

-Nancy Walstrom