Single Moms Family Camps – Where Else?

Single Moms Family Camps – Where Else?

2014 Single Moms
Family Camps
July 10 – 13  and August 1-3

 How unique is Single Moms Family Camp?

·         Where else can a single mom take her children to enjoy lots of fun in a safe, loving environment where camp staffers offer quality leadership, personal attention, friendship, and most importantly, the love of Jesus?

·         Where else can a single mom release her children into the care of young adult men and women, confident that they have her children’s best interests at heart, and do nothing from selfish motives?

·         Where else can a single mom take her children to experience multiple, honorable male role models loving them, listening to them, caring for them?

·         Where else can a single mom meet with many other single moms and learn from one another by sharing life experiences and resources, while their children of all ages are with the staff, playing volleyball, or in the gaga pit, or in the lake?

·         Where else can a single mom take her children on a family vacation for a fraction of the actual cost, and not have to plan any activities or meals – just show up?

·         Where else can single moms receive spiritual guidance, encouragement, and prayer for their individual situations?

·         Where else can single mom families experience the love of Jesus in such personal ways?

Twenty-five years ago, Camp Ojibway first offered Single Parent Family Camp. I remember it vividly. It was the first place I ever took my children overnight alone as a single mom. It took a lot of courage for me to go – there were so many unknowns going to an unfamiliar place with people we didn’t know. At first, my children, ages 2, 4, and 7, huddled around me and I hovered over them. The kindness, love, serving and fun from the camp staff deeply touched my heart. By the end of the weekend my family felt very much at home. For the next eleven summers we attended Single Parent Family Camp and have marvelous family memories.

Deep Desire
Several years after the tornado hit Camp Ojibway and CO moved to Eden Valley, MN, I still had a deep desire for other single moms to experience the joy and care I had known at Single Parent Family Camp. I talked with Kim and David Laufenburger about resuming it. We have offered Single Moms Family Camp since 2007 and the past two years we’ve had waiting lists.

Stepping Out in Faith
The Camp Team’s commitment to offer an additional Single Moms Family Camp this summer clearly proclaims:

Hope Church cares about single moms and their children.
Hope Church wants them to experience God’s unconditional love.
Hope Church wants to reach out to more single mom families.

Thank you, Hope Church, for taking this step of faith. The Holy Spirit works deeply in the lives of moms and children during Single Moms Family Camp! Many more single mom families will be blessed this year. Invite a family you know to attend!

Linda Heaner, Single Moms Coordinator
Abiding Hope Ministries