The Wonder of a Baby

The Wonder of a Baby

This has been a year of blessings and joy for our family. Our son, Adam, was married in September. Our two daughters, Kirby and Candice, each delighted us with grandsons. Kirby delivered David in May, and Candice introduced Harrison in August. So, Carol and I received a new daughter, Ruthie, and two new souls entered the world under the Hall family banner.

Carol and I raised three children about 30 years ago. I like to think we were good at it. But every time I’m around David and Harrison, I’m amazed by how much I’ve forgotten about babies. They are completely helpless and dependent on others for 100% of their comfort and care. They require a lot of attention and time. They insist that others do things for them that are not always pleasant or convenient. But they’re adorable and innocent, and they’re filled with potential and promise and hope. They inspire love.

This Christmas season I’m reflecting anew on the way God presented Jesus to the world: as a baby. Jesus was the fragile and delicate introduction of God’s love. He encouraged people around Him to be gentle and kind and generous. He created an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Like my grandsons, He was probably a magnet for attention and conversation. Who can resist taking a closer look at a baby?

Let’s draw closer to the story of Christmas this year. Maybe we’ll find new ways to appreciate and enjoy the promise and hope of God’s love.

John Hall, Hope’s Men’s Ministry