I Just Saw Jesus

I Just Saw Jesus

As an adult, I came to realize that a certain longing in my heart came out of my deep desire to have had the attention of my dad when I was growing up. He was a kind, honest, God-fearing man but did not give me the attention and affirmation that little girls need from their dads.

In 2002, God did an amazing healing of the little girl’s heart in me, and I was aware that a longing in my heart had been filled. Sometimes, though, healing takes place in steps. I still was very disappointed that my relationship with my dad hadn’t been different. In prayer, God showed me I needed to let go of that disappointment. I pictured myself as an adult holding on to the back of an easy chair that my dad was sitting in, and I couldn’t let go.

More than a year later, on Easter morning at the end of a wonderful service, a couple sang the song, “I’ve Just Seen Jesus,” which is about Mary’s experience of seeing Jesus after the resurrection. I had my eyes closed, listening, when it felt like I was nudged, and I gave a jerk. I again saw the picture of myself holding on to the back of my dad’s chair, still unable to let go — when Jesus appeared. Without any effort at all, He took my hands and lifted them from the back of the chair and He said, “This is what I am here for. I am all you need. I release you and deliver you to My Father.”

I was overwhelmed with joy. He suffered for my wounds. He felt them and bore them for me. My load was lifted. What I missed from my dad, Jesus, and the Father satisfied.

Psalm 16:1, 2 says, “Keep me safe, O God, for in You I take refuge. I said to the Lord, ‘You are my Lord; apart from You I have no good thing.”

This experience brought with it a longing in me to see others healed from their wounds as well. Today I am involved with Prayer Ventures and am regularly involved in prayer appointments for people desiring healing for hurts in their lives.

Jesus, it is so amazing that You desire to meet each one of us right where we are. Help us be open to Your work in our lives and share that with each other in praise and adoration. Amen.

Emily Goertz, Hope member