Bloom Where You’re Planted

Bloom Where You’re Planted

I had always thought crab apple trees were a nuisance; you can’t do much with their apples (and there are so many of those useless apples!) and they attract bees. So when we bought a house with a big crab apple tree in the backyard last year, I wasn’t super excited to deal with the mess. Having never had a crab apple tree, though, I was completely unaware of what happens before the apples.

Spring came last year and so did this beautiful blossoming, sweet smelling tree! Unfortunately, it didn’t last long because wind and rain took away the gorgeous blooms all too quickly, but the apples that I had thought were a nuisance actually ended up bringing me joy all summer and fall. My sons and I (and grandma, too) had a blast having daily “Easter egg” hunts for the apples that had fallen. This spring my boys discovered the joy of climbing in it and I actually enjoyed trimming its branches.

It seemed the tree was never going to bloom (I’m sure most of us thought spring might never come!), but when it did, it was overwhelmingly gorgeous! The buds started off pink and within a day or two they blossomed out even more beautifully white than the year before. However, it was then I noticed that in my trimming efforts I missed one really low hanging branch that now hangs over our fence and out toward the sidewalk. At first I was really disappointed.

Last weekend we were spring cleaning the garage and a neighbor was walking her dog, we came out to say hello and she commented on how blessed she was to have that one low hanging branch so that she could stop and smell it, which she proceeded to do, inhaling deeply and letting a smile spread across her face. Since then I have noticed several people walk by and stop to delight in it.

All this reminded me of a saying I’ve heard, “Bloom where you’re planted.” More than just doing good where you are, as the saying might suggest, I take it to mean, don’t just be a fast growing weed where you are, but serve others out of your sweet spot. Bloom. Don’t try to be perfect with no branches hanging out in the wrong places, but do what God has personally designed you to do for Him in the place He has intentionally put you. When you do, you may be surprised at how many people will be blessed by your blooms!

Heidi “Wally” Walstrom
Children & Family Ministries