Serving and Hope

Serving and Hope

Every year as part of the training sessions for church elders, I lead a tour of the Hope building. Two things always happen: Elders are surprised to hear of several service opportunities they were unaware of, and I am reminded of a ministry that takes place in one of our rooms that I hadn’t heard of.

Youth outreach, social support, Bible instruction and countless groups that carry on the work of our Lord are everywhere. Couple that with countless servants who work outside of Hope’s building and we have a reason to give thanks, for sure.

Hope Church has a wide understanding of and experience with serving others. During the month of May, our leadership will continue this tradition by teaching what it means to serve and encouraging all to serve in a way that shows God’s favor. We want to support you in the work you are already carrying forth. Yet, we don’t want to forget anyone who feels they are on the sidelines. Serving Jesus Anew is a way of welcoming each other into God’s work and blessings. Let us know if there is any way we can serve you in serving others.

May we enjoy God’s presence together.

Bruce Hillyer, Associate Pastor