My Companion and Master

My Companion and Master

When Im walking my little dog, Sydney, I often think of the comparison of my walk with the Lord and Sydneys walk with me.  Sydney is very skittish some days she gets scared of things that really wont harm her. I dont think her eyesight is very good.  She starts barking at big rocks or peoples lawn decorations.  I try to comfort her but she doesnt seem to trust my discernment.

Then a huge alpha dog will come bounding towards us and Sydney decides to take him on!  Sydney will bark with all her 12 pound might even though this dog is dangerous. I saw this dog attack and kill a squirrel in front of our house!  Yet Sydney thinks she can handle threatening situations that she has no business dealing with alone.

As Sydney and I walk together, I find myself praying, Lord, Im a lot like this little dog. Lord, what do I need to trust you with today?  What little minor issue am I getting all worked up about but you will guide me through?  Lord, what truly serious situation am I trying to handle myself without your guidance and protection?  Show me, Lord, and protect me.

Some days I see myself as a tiny 12 pound dog and the Lord as my Companion and Master. This reminds me of the Psalms.

King David saw himself as a sheep and the Lord as his Shepherd. King David wrote many of the psalms in which he was very creative in finding metaphors for God rock, strong tower, refuge, sheltering wings of a bird,the list goes on and on.  Were so used to these metaphors that were not surprised anymore by the comparison of a rock or a bird with the Lord God.

This summer, as youre out in Gods beautiful creation, ask him to help you see him in all of his Creation. What interesting metaphors might you see today as you walk with the Lord? 

Pastor Judie Ritchie

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  • Julie Saffrin

    June 25, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    Lovely post, Judie. I love the simple lessons you take from life and use them to teach us about our spiritual journey. Love your picture, by the way!