Why I Hate the Devil

Why I Hate the Devil

I hate the devil because the devil hates children. He has sought to deceive and destroy them from the beginning. He got nations to sacrifice them, soldiers to kill them, people to enslave them and he is still on mission to intercept the hope God has for each new generation. The devil sees no racial, social, or economic boundaries either. I’m reading books on Brazilian street kids that are sold into prostitution. I’m hearing from suburban kids who are sexually abused. I’m watching elementary kids being exposed to inappropriate media too much and too soon. It makes me mad. Suburban and urban alike, kids are the devil’s target. And I will fight for God’s light to SHINE into the darkness in all children’s lives. I don’t know every child’s story, but I know every child’s story needs Jesus in it.

And so at Hope Church we have flung open our doors and gone out to welcome kids, any kids, all kids. We are putting all our efforts toward welcoming “the least of these”.  Our goal in Family Ministries is to “roll out the red carpet” for kids who regularly attend Hope and kids who do not, encouraging them all to build Christ-centered relationships with one another, with other Christian adults, and with Jesus himself.

After VBX I was talking to one of our volunteers who said that serving at VBX felt like the first mission trip she’d been on since her high school trip to Mexico. Children’s ministry has a multi-cultural face at Hope church. It feels missional now. But this is no short term mission trip. I believe Jesus is inviting Hope Church to a long-term investment in the lives of children all around us.

This fall we are inviting many different kids and families into our space. We are calling on many Christian adults to join this mission. Please ask God how you can invest in the children you meet. All the children. Please sit with them at Loaves and Fishes. Greet them by name in the link. Please talk to them in the parking lot, and wave to them as you drive by. Offer to teach their Sunday school class. Come sit by them at dinner on Wednesday nights. Listen to their stories. Speak truth into their hearts: God loves you no matter what. They need to hear that from us, see that in us, and experience that through us.

The devil has a lot of people in the world working for him. Hope Church has a lot of people working for Jesus. Let’s love the children and watch God’s light shine in their lives. Let’s add Jesus to their story early on and often. Because whatever the devil is up to can be stopped and will be redeemed by the Love of Jesus. Praise God!

Heidi Connors, Minister to Children and Their Families