State of Affairs

State of Affairs

It was such a beautiful day yesterday (Wednesday, August 27) that as I headed out the door for a walk I quickly changed my mind and drove to the State Fair by myself. How often is it 75 degrees and sunny at the Minnesota great get-together?

By myself I was able to stop at childhood memories for as long as I wanted. I walked everywhere. There was an old tilt-a-whirl which my sister used to make me go on.  She loved rides. Not me. I still got dizzy standing there looking at it yesterday. But, it was a good memory. Then there was machinery hill where I would climb tractors when I was 10 with my cousins from Sleepy Eye, MN. Why would they drive 120 miles to see the very tractors that were down the road from their home? No answer to that question but still a great memory on a beautiful day yesterday. I stood and watched an Allis-Chalmers engine whirr for as long as I wanted. Then the haunted house that my children ran me through a few times when they were little. Another memory and another smile.

It was good to be by myself and remember. But then,  I passed the outdoor garden café.  Wouldn’t it be good, I thought, to have a cup of coffee with my wife at the fair, as we have in the past, and talk about our children and plan for the upcoming Fall? Yes, suddenly it would have been nice not to be alone. The memory time was fun. The looking ahead would have been great.

Well, that’s my intro for my report about the national ECO convention. It was good to spend time in Dallas and think about Hope’s past—especially the moves we have made in the last few years.  But, overall, the best part of ECO was to be among leaders from around our country with whom it felt safe to look ahead–to pray, plan and dream.

Pastor Bruce Hillyer