What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?  Sometimes we ask that question of one another out of curiosity?  Sometimes we ask that question when someone is disgruntled and we are trying to understand their point of view.  And hopefully we ask “What’s Your Story?” when we genuinely want to know someone – when we have a desire to understand who they are, where they come from, what their purpose is and what their hopes, dreams and vision for the future are.

It’s my hope that as we grow in relationship with God, we ask the same question of Him.  The answer can be found in his word – “his story”.  The goal at Hope this year (Together in the Word:  Hearing the Story, Learning the Story and Living the Story) will be lived out as we dig into “The Story” together. 

I’m excited to spend time in a community of believers investing in God’s word.  Knowing God’s story makes a difference in me especially when it’s shared and lived out together as people with real lives.  When I come to know God’s story more, I begin to find my own story in his.  I so often relate to the people of the Bible.  I need the strength of God to step into leadership as Moses did, I am broken and humbled as Peter was, and so often I find that I need to slow down my pace of life and sit with Jesus as Mary did.  And most of all, I learn to live from the point of view as Jesus did – bringing God’s Kingdom here and now to believers and unbelievers.

It’s my hope that as we do this together we will see how God’s word meets us at just the right moment.  God’s word has the power to change lives, bring encouragement and hope, correct and instruct, and give us wisdom and guidance.  As the year goes on, let’s share with one another how God’s story is making a difference in the story of our lives – the lives that were written by the author and perfector of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). 

By Kim Laufenburger, Executive Minister
and Camp Ojibway Co-Director