Integrity Statement

Integrity Statement

Integrity. It’s a word packed with a lot of layers. If you have been listening to the sermons at Hope Church these past several weeks, you probably have a lot to chew on in terms of integrity. A whole, undivided heart with God.

When our staff decided to have us come up with a brief personal integrity statement I knew it wouldn’t be easy. As I started to work on it, I found myself at a loss for words because I wanted to say so much and yet it needed to be brief. I was worried I might leave something out, get it wrong or leave something off theologically. It probably stems from the rigorous work of the “perfect” Statement of Faith I had to write for seminary. They don’t say it has to be perfect, but you feel as it if does.

And so as I took my pen to paper with this assignment, I brought some “baggage” to the table. But in the end, I think the most important part is to listen to what God is nudging you to write. After spending some time looking at the key components of Romans 12: 9-18, I came up with something that I felt OK about.

For me, at the center of integrity is relationship. Relationship with others – with God – with myself. Keeping the heart of what I think and do and who I am always in view of God’s presence; seeing others through God’s eyes, myself included.

There’s no perfection here. The process was good. The product is good enough. I encourage you to try it and share it with others as you are willing.

“By God’s grace I seek to be kind and compassionate to everyone I meet; be honest, loving, patient, humble and forgiving in my relationships as I seek to honor God in all I think, pray and do.”

KC DiNardo, Associate Pastor for Rising Generations and Connecting Ministries