Feed My Lambs

Feed My Lambs

Jesus asked… “Do you love me…Then Feed my lambs.”  – John 21:15

Hungry kids come to Hope Church. They are hungry for smiles and acceptance. They are hungry for play time and attention. Children are hungry for truth, boundaries and consistency. Last week we took 3 KWAM kids shopping. Their dad is in prison and mom has “disappeared.” They needed socks and underwear and bags to carry their things in as they move around. They are so hungry for love.

I may have the best job in the world. I see first-hand how Hope Church is loving the children in our midst. The message at Hope is: children matter. They are unique, loved and worthy, just because they are. At our Wednesday night program, KWAM (Kids Will Always Matter) we spent last week “Blessing The Children.” The game for the night included kids running around the courtyard, through the halls, and then finding a seat back in the KWAM room. They sat next to a leader that would touch their shoulders, look them in the eye, smile and speak a blessing over them. The kids were hungry for words of hope and affirmation. It was a beautiful feast! On Wednesday nights, Jesus’ lambs are being fed.

In Sunday school, volunteers have been preparing the lessons around The Story, and crafting activities that meet the needs of their age group. I marvel at how I see our volunteers loving children. Some of the Sunday School teachers give small gifts that say “You Matter.” The 4th and 5th grade boys are learning “encouragement basketball.” The 4th and 5th grade girls have been taught to serve together and make sandwiches in Hope’s Kitchen. Pre-K has given photos of their class so they know they’re all friends. Last week the gospel was intentionally presented to the 2nd and 3rd graders so that one girl exclaimed “so that’s what the cross is about!” On Sunday mornings, Jesus’ lambs are being fed. 

After his resurrection, Jesus said to Peter “Do you love me?…Then Feed my lambs”. We have heard the invitation from the Risen Lord, and Hope Church has said, “Yes, we love you, Jesus! Help us feed your lambs!”

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Contact Heidi for more information about how you can Feed Jesus’ Lambs at Hope this summer: heidi@hope-pc.org

Heidi Connors, Minister to Children and Their Families