Jerusalem Day – June 7, 1967

Jerusalem Day – June 7, 1967

Dates of significance in Israel are observed according to the Hebrew calendar. Jerusalem day, which marked Israel’s control of the Old City in 1967, begins on 28th day of the month of Iyyar on the Hebrew calendar.

By the time, in June of 1967, that the news from Jerusalem reached the front page of the Minneapolis newspapers it was early on June 8, 1967. 

This was also my 30th birthday. The previous year had been difficult for me – the doctors had finally discovered that my constant pain and high blood pressure was due to the fact that I was carrying around a dead kidney. Surgery ensued, recovering followed. I learned some very important lessons during this time and was becoming a much wiser and more spiritually mature person by June of 1967.

That morning was a pleasant June day and I picked up the morning paper and sat on the front steps of our Richfield home and began to read. I had some background in biblical studies and had grown up in a Bible-believing church so I was reasonably aware of the prophecies regarding God’s eternal covenant with Israel and the Jewish people. This was a big issue for my paternal Grandmother, with whom we lived during my childhood.

So as I opened the paper and saw the headline proclaiming, “Israel Takes the Old City,” I was mightily moved. Tears began to flow and I dropped the paper, buried my face in my hands and prayed, “Lord, You are doing something in our time and I don’t want to miss it.” 

I haven’t missed much of it! 

I am grateful on this Jerusalem Day for the path God prepared for me. I have shared the last 48 Jerusalem Days with a growing community of Jews and Christians who also believe that the return of the Jews to their ancient land was not an historical accident. 

JoAnn Magnuson, Hope member