The 7-Mile Road

The 7-Mile Road

At our first Wednesday 360, we found out that being a disciple of Jesus is very much like walking on a seven-mile road to Emmaus. Want to put on your shoes and hit the road?

Two days after Jesus was crucified, Cleopas and his companion left Jerusalem to head home to Emmaus. Who’s Cleopas? He’s likely the husband of one of the Mary’s that watched the soldiers nail Jesus’ hands and feet to a cross (John 19:25).

People say that the longest, most difficult walk we will ever take is the walk away from the grave of a loved one. We wonder what life will be like without them. We weep. Our heart aches. And then we leave the cemetery to reenter a world that keeps doing business as usual.

So for Cleopas and Mary, the Emmaus road was seven miles of pain, disillusionment, and complete despair. They had witnessed the intensely gruesome torture of a man they dearly loved.

Along the way, the risen Lord suddenly moseys up to them. What? Three days later – after suffering a horrific flogging, crucifixion, and death – Jesus goes jogging for seven miles? Huh? Impossible . . . without a supernatural explanation!

The couple had no idea that they were talking to the Lord. But why didn’t Jesus say, “Hello! It’s me! I’m back”? The couple would have fainted on the spot! Apparently, “their eyes were kept from recognizing him.” Why? It seems that Jesus just wanted to be with them. He wanted them to discover things about him along the way and set their hearts ablaze.

When their “eyes were finally opened,” what do they do? They booked it back to Jerusalem to tell others about their walk with Jesus!

Walking with Jesus is so life-changing people simply cannot hold it in. Still have your shoes on?

Gloria Wiese, Minister for Discipleship