Witnessing a Miracle

Witnessing a Miracle

We were having a wonderful time of connecting with the families staying at Hope Church during a recent hosting week for Families Moving Forward. One evening I asked one of the ladies how her day had been.  She indicated her family had experienced a miracle and she was glowing. 

She had been dreading making a call about their car loan because she and her husband did not have enough money to make their payment.  She made the call and explained to the person whom she had been working with that they were going to need a bit more time before they could make their payment.  He responded to this by telling her he had been meaning to call her about the loan. Her heart sank.  She was worried that her vehicle was going to be repossessed. Imagine her surprise when he told her that God had put it on his heart that he was to pay this loan off for her.  The approximately $5,000 left on the loan would be paid in full for them!

It was an evening of joyous celebration for us! This is an example of why we love to host families with Families Moving Forward.

January 8-15 we will be welcoming families who are temporarily homeless to spend evenings and stay overnight at Hope Church for a week as part of the Families Moving Forward program.

It’s a great way to serve together as a family, or with a couple of friends. On Sunday you can help set up classrooms as private bedrooms for each family and turn the Courtyard Room into a living room area to relax in. Prepare a meal. Pick an evening to hang out with families playing games, doing crafts, or watching videos. Or stay overnight with the guests. 

Deb Wasilensky, Hope member