Prepare Him Room

Prepare Him Room

This advent I’m drawn to the lyrics from Joy to the World, “let every heart prepare Him room.”  I’m still thinking about this line and why it’s stirring me so much….perhaps because:

  • My life feels full – is there room for Jesus?
  • How am I preparing room for Jesus this Christmas season?
  • What is the shape of my heart? Does it need some housekeeping to be ready for Jesus’ arrival?

All questions that aren’t quickly answered – and maybe there is something to that. Preparation takes time, thoughtfulness, and the ability to notice. Ugh! There are 12 days until Christmas (isn’t there another song about that!)…and I’m considering that I need to find time!?

Well the truth of this season is it take lots of time…time to shop, bake, attend concerts, go to parties, wrap gifts, mail Christmas cards….I’m tired just making this list. BUT, time spent with Jesus is always well spent. Time spent in preparation of the heart helps us stay present and remember what matters during the busy Christmas season. Slowing even for a few moments – prepares us to:

  • Receive the “good news of great joy” (Luke 2:10).
  • Listen for the words of truth in a Christmas message, song, or devotion and soak them in.
  • Be moved by the truth of Christmas – Jesus came as a gift to us.
  • Share the love of Jesus with others.

So in the next 12 days – I’m committing to a quiet moment by the tree with my Bible. I’ll read, listen, and enjoy the presence of God so that I can prepare room in my heart for Jesus. The way you prepare your heart may be different, but take time to be ready to receive the gift of Jesus coming this Christmas.

Soak it in – Joy to the World, the Lord is Come!

Kim Laufenburger, Executive Minister