Penguins + Tornadoes = Discipleship at Hope Shores Bible Camp

Penguins + Tornadoes = Discipleship at Hope Shores Bible Camp

David and I have the opportunity to speak at the ECO National Gathering this week about camp. We were excited to be invited to do this, and then I got nervous, “What do I have to tell a group of church pastors and ministry leaders!?”

I asked pastors, David Lenz and KC DiNardo to talk this through with me. The result of our time together inspired me. For me, the best ministry is dreamt up collaborating and working together in the name of Jesus. This is the gift of living in community and sharing life as a body of believers.

I’m thankful for the ways God helped us craft the session for the conference through our time together. I was reminded that the ministry that God does at camp has a bigger impact than sometimes my limited vision can see. I was reminded that I have the privilege of watching God grow disciples and using my imperfect efforts all for his kingdom purposes.

I must admit, that if I randomly read this description in a conference brochure, I’d be interested in hearing what the “crazy camp directors” had to say. Here’s what we’ll share:

Penguins + Tornadoes = Discipleship at Hope Shores Bible Camp
Practical Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Disciple Making in your Church

All congregations desire to have innovative discipleship programs that impact their church and the world. Over 50 years ago Hope Church took a risk and started a camping ministry. Giving kids an opportunity to grow in their faith was immediate – but even more than that, a generation of new leaders began rising up. Come hear our exciting story of surviving tornadoes and seeing God change lives. This session will give practical ideas on cultivating a culture of multi-generational disciple making in your context (even if you don’t have a camp). Learn about stepping out in faith, intentional programming, mentoring, equipping leaders, and building community.

Maybe sometime we’ll have the opportunity to share a similar message this with our Hope Shores family. We’ll keep you posted!

Kim Laufenburger, Executive Minister and
Co-Director of Hope Shores Bible Camp