Six Priorities for 2016

Six Priorities for 2016

In November 2015, the session had a fruitful retreat at Camp Sacajawea Retreat Center in Apple Valley. We worshiped. We walked the trails of Lebanon Hills Regional Park. We broke bread together. We identified challenges before Hope Church (what it means to be the church in America continues to evolve rapidly). Traditional metrics such as worship attendance and budget do not necessarily measure the influence and impact of a church. The session is grateful, and excited, about what God is doing at Hope Church and for the opportunities before us. As we looked to the future, many good ideas bubbled up.

We wanted to capture the planning and hopefulness we experienced at Camp Sacajawea. With help from Executive Minister Kim Laufenburger, who led our retreat, I developed “Six Priorities for 2016.” In December the session adopted these priorities. Small teams of staff and elder leaders began working on them in January.

  1. Deeper Commitment to Prayer: We will develop a deeper commitment to prayer for the staff, session, and congregation. We will hold regular prayer meetings to ask for God’s leading, for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and for revival for Hope Church. We will emphasize our conviction that the blessings God has for us are most often to be discovered through prayer. Staff: David Lenz; Elders: Jim Lindvall and Janette Schull
  2. Study Richfield Context: We will study anew our context for ministry in Richfield. We will meet with Richfield leaders to learn about the dynamic development taking place. We will ask what Richfield will look like five years from now so that we can imagine Hope’s future in light of that context. Staff: Kim Laufenburger; Elders: Justin Bratnober and Jared Carr
  3. Review Master Facility Plan: We will review our master facility plan. We will determine if it still fits our context for ministry and the future we envision for Hope Church. We will study the feasibility of a capital campaign to support the implementation of the master facility plan and take action accordingly. Staff: Keith Koenig; Elders: Brian Knutson and Dave Raymond
  4. Growth As an “Attractional Church” (Millennials): We are a missional church that will build on our existing strengths to grow as an “attractional” church for all generations, with a special commitment to welcome millennials. We will expect a greater number of visitors and greater participation in worship and the life and ministries of the church. Staff: KC DiNardo, Heidi Connors, Nancy Ma; Elders: Greg Dorenkamp and Jim Nichols
  5. Planting More “Home Fellowships”: We will plant more “home fellowships”/”small groups”/”pastorates” through which members and friends of Hope can grow in discipleship and exercise their spiritual gifts. Staff: Gloria Wiese; Elders: Bruce Anderson and Debbie Bell
  6. Cultivate a Culture of Church Planting: We will immediately support an existing ECO church plant (or plants) to cultivate a culture of church planting at Hope Church. Within three years we will have partnered with local ECO congregations to plant a church. Staff: Bruce Hillyer and Peggy Turnbull; Elders: Sharon Lawyer and Kristin Pitchford.

It will be exciting to see how these six priorities unfold over the coming year. Be watching. Be ready. Be hopeful!

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” (1 Peter 1:3).

David Paul Lenz, Lead Pastor