Centered in Christ, Sent in His Love

Centered in Christ, Sent in His Love

…and thus I make it my ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named, lest I build on someone else’s foundation, but as it is written, “Those who have never been told of him will see, and those who have never heard will understand.”
Romans 15:20-21 (ESV)

At about this time last year, Amos Aderonmu wrote a blog post on Hope’s website titled “Adjust Ambition.” He and his wife, Dupe, were seeking God’s leading for their future focus. They were deeply aware of the large numbers of people who still have never heard the name of Jesus, and prayed about their role in introducing people to him.

A year earlier Amos had visited Juba, South Sudan. He couldn’t ignore the needs and opportunities in this newest nation in the world. He saw a significant group of Christians who spoke Arabic, and many refugees and displaced people from other parts of the country and surrounding Muslim nations.  He and Dupe prayed and talked about this prompting from God to equip churches in South Sudan, and relocated from Nigeria to Juba, in April 2015, even though they were close to the age when many people retire.

Amos and Dupe exemplify what we strive to be here at Hope Church: CENTERED IN CHRIST and SENT IN HIS LOVE. We may not be sent very far from home or to difficult environments like  that in South Sudan, but all of us have been sent somewhere. We introduce those around us to Jesus through living life with them and treating them with love and respect.

Peggy Turnbull, Missions Coordinator