Parenting with Humor

Parenting with Humor

*Qualifier: This blog is submitted by friends in the Sacred Parenting Class at 10:00 on Sundays. They lovingly refer to this time as “Jeff Church” because my husband, Jeff Connors, so humbly steps forward to welcome participants and facilitate discussion.  Because he leads it, they say JEFF. Because people love one another, call on God for help and are hungry for Christ-Centered, Biblical instruction, they say CHURCH. Enjoy this plug for JEFF CHURCH from our anonymous friends and fellow parents on the journey of raising kids! – Heidi Connors

Parenting with humor, love, and the help of others

Time is a luxury. As a parent of three kids, school days are filled with one rushing moment after another. Wake up, time to eat, gather homework, pack lunches, get kids on the bus, run a business, race home to shuffle kids to their after school activities, prepare a delicious meal while helping with homework and sharing life lessons. Yet we realize that we are better parents when we take time for ourselves and listen to and learn from others. “Jeff Church” gives us this opportunity. 

“Jeff Church,” which is more formally known as the “Sacred Parenting Class,” is facilitated by Jeff Connors at 10:00 am in the Social Events Room. Parents of children of all ages, and some soon-to-be parents, get together to talk, share stories, pray and laugh. A typical class involves us getting to know each other better through an icebreaker, watching a short video that makes us laugh, provokes thoughtful discussion on a wide range of parenting lessons, or hopefully does a little of both. And we close in prayer. Overall, the class provides time for us to slow down and build connections with other parents while learning more about ourselves too. 

Parenting is much more fun when it is not a solitary event and when we realize that parenting is hard – for everyone.  Having a judgment-free zone to laugh at ourselves (and our kids) in an encouraging and loving environment is a blessing. All are welcome.           

 Heidi Connors, Minister to Children and their Families