Hope and Light in Romania

Hope and Light in Romania

God is at work in Germany inspired and energized by Hope Church. And it is not only the refugees who have literally moved in next door from Syria and Afghanistan. Nancy and I have never felt more immersed in international ministries than this year (2016): partially on Black Forest Academy’s campus, yet including countries that are far away geographically!

Jay is leading a Partnership Project with BFA missionary kids and local German teens for the sixth time this Easter. We will make physical improvements in a primary school for Roma (Gypsy) children in Romania. Our team of 24 tudents and staff will spend March 22-29 living and working with them. Included in our purpose is the discipleship of the MK and German teenagers who join us to care for this most discriminated against people group in Europe. We appreciate your prayers for our team, and for the ongoing ministry to the Roma in the community where we will be working.

All European countries have a Roma population. Gypsies are seen as baggage, an added weight, a blight. Italy and France are engaged in the dismantlement of Roma settlements and sending them back to Eastern Europe. Roma children are not welcome in their schools. In Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria the Roma struggle to be allowed to attend school as well. Often they are left to live on a garbage heap with no purposeful life. The majority of children never learn to read or write. 

Our project will be at a Christian school in Romania spawned from the Operation Christmas Child shoebox ministry. Nearly 200 children are being taught to read as the school has grown the past 7 years. These children are the first in their community to learn to read and write. We offer the love of Jesus with compassionate care through education—introducing true Hope and Light to a small portion of the 1 million Roma People of Romania. 

Jay and Nancy Adams
Hope missionaries serving at Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany