Life in Boxes

Life in Boxes

As we ponder life, work, and faith in this day and age, it seems we may put life in boxes.  We create categories, like little drawers in a cabinet. We open a drawer for the part of life we intend to utilize during a time and circumstance. We open the faith drawer on Sunday or for Bible study. We open the work drawer, where we spend a lot of our time. We pull open our friends drawer, family drawer, sports drawer, etc. This seems like a workable and reasonable way to live and certainly is a natural way as the role and time prescribes.  

When it comes to our work life, it is interesting to consider our work, our calling and social witness. Becoming authentic, integrated followers of Jesus will create an attractive and relational presence in our vocations and places of work.  Here are a few things to consider. 

1.  Be in the present moment. Look at every person and every interruption as an opportunity. Jesus did this with folks along the way to demonstrate important missional things (Mark 5:21 -43) He stopped everything to care for someone with significant needs. Be present. Stop and take time to listen and care – for real πŸ™‚  As you pass cubicles, water fountains, peers, comrades and leaders of your organization, pray-pray-pray without ceasing! Pray that they will be drawn and compelled to the light!!  

2.  We are the incarnation of Christ everywhere we go and to everyone we talk to!  (2 Cor 4:7-9)  We have the spirit of reconciliation as we perform our mission to all the seeking and hurting folks all around us. We use the term “Social Witness.” This means we use not only words, but our very presence to bring light and love to everyone in proximity, especially at work. Let our fragrance be sweet smelling to all we come in contact with. And let us be prepared to express the “Hope we have in us.” Hopefully we have such uncanny hope and faith that folks will stop us and say, β€œWhat is your deal, you are so hopeful!”

3.  And if we have to use words, we want our words to be full of salt, respect and love. Our days are filled with conversations and decisions. The world will nag us to conform to cultural norms. To rise above the fray of the world and culture will offer refreshment and astonishment in the most subtle, yet true way. This will beg the question “why did you do it this way?”  As a wise person once said, share Christ and if you absolutely have to, use words πŸ™‚ 

Peace and Grace, 
Brad Pearce, Hope member