“Is IT in You?”

“Is IT in You?”

A few years ago, Gatorade ran an interesting marketing campaign. It featured a commercial that gives us a rich visual image of a very important spiritual principal. In it you see athletes and a backdrop in shades of gray, black and white. The only colors to appear on the screen are dull orange drops of sweat. In slow motion, they bead up on the athlete, run down the face, arms and legs then splatter all over from intense physical activity. At another point in the ad, the same dull orange color reappears in the form of Gatorade as it is guzzled from a quart bottle. As the commercial fades, the tagline emerges simply reading “Is It in you?”

It’s a simple message and a graphic illustration of the notion that “what goes in… is what comes out.” Said another way, “what you see on the outside, is what’s on the inside.” There is no avoiding it. It’s a fact of life. The book of James affirms “Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.” We are the reflection of that which we are.

Perhaps nowhere else is the output of our day to day lives more evident than right at home. And, perhaps nowhere else are the direct effects of the things we say and do more closely scrutinized. Our words and actions bead up, drip down, run off and get all over everything and everyone around us, especially those closest to us.

The sermon series this summer is Overflowing with Living Water. I’ve personally found it very thought provoking. It’s caused me to dive deep into the weekly reflection questions, take a long, hard, honest look at myself and assess what people, especially my family, see coming forth from within and landing on them. It hasn’t all been pretty. Too often, “It” is the product of my human nature than the person of Jesus.

How about you? What do you suppose your folks, husband, wife or kids have to say? Is “It” in you?

Here’s the promise and assurance we have to hold on to. Jesus said the Spirit “lives with you and will be in you.” He’s not just with us. He is in us. He is in us to pick up where He left off being about His Father’s business; overflowing with living water. He has given us new life, indwelled us with the Holy Spirit, made us His workmanship, and sent us to baptize our communities, workplaces and our homes with His love.

Let’s soak that in.

Justin Bratnober, Hope member