VBX – Because There’s Nothing SCHOOL About It

VBX – Because There’s Nothing SCHOOL About It

In Family Ministries, we are intentional about what we name our programs, because names matter! Just this year we started calling Sunday School – Sunday FUNday, and 5 years ago, we switched the VBS name to VBX! Why? Because there’s nothing school about it – it’s a Bible eXperience! Changing the name helps us remember our mission. We aren’t just hoping to give kids school-like information about The Bible when they are at Hope Church, we want to see their transformation. Transformation comes by experiencing Jesus, His love, His people, and His truth.

One way that we’ve invited kids into the VBX eXperience is by focusing our mission on VBX all summer. Kids ages 10 – 15 have begun participating on the VBX drama team on Wednesday nights. Wally, my program assistant and overall creative engine behind a lot of what we do, is working with Megan Slinger to create and lead this team of Hope members and KWAM kids. The VBX drama team is not only rehearsing the dramas the kids will see, but they are eXperiencing a disciple-making-program without even knowing it! Through serving, worship, prayer, accountability, teaching and fun they are preparing for our summer outreach: VBX!

Kids, K- 5th grade, are also helping to create music videos that will give the message of Jesus at VBX. Below is a video our kids have helped Wally create on Sunday mornings. The message is an important one for all of us: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uVVdqEzO3vo&feature=youtu.be

As we have made VBX our mission all summer, kids are embracing this as their “mission-trip” and they are being transformed as they use their gifts and build friendships with one another and with Jesus. Please pray for our planning and preparations of VBX. Consider how you might serve, and pray for the name of the person God wants you to invite to this year’s Vacation Bible Experience!

Heidi Connors, Minister to Children and Their Families