Following My Guide

Following My Guide

I choose to follow my guide – He knows exactly where He is going

I could hold onto who I am now, but that is not who God fully intended me to be. He intended me to live in a deeper relationship with Him and embrace the higher calling He has set upon my life.

Where does that higher calling take me? To places I never intended to go…to places that He set on my heart through His power alone. He has called me to live a life for Him in the Nations… one nation specifically. One that He set heavily upon my heart a few months ago. One that He has confirmed my calling to in the past week.

Lord, I am overwhelmed. I have doubt. I have unbelief. But I am choosing to trust You, choosing to believe that all things can be done through You.

Every day I find that I can do new things through Christ who strengthens me. I can press on through headaches and pain that I have never experienced so intensely. I can press on through questions and doubt, joy and conviction, and attacks from the enemy.

Last night as I was praying with a friend, the Lord brought an image to my mind of a hiking guide leading us through a mountainous and treacherous trail, but also a trail of great beauty and joy: a guide who knows exactly where he is going; a guide who knows where to step and what is around each corner, whether that is a waterfall, a steep cliff, a rocky crevice, or a forested valley.

If I fall behind, I learn to hike on my own, unaware of who I am following and where my guide went, unaware that I could step off a cliff at any moment or trip over a rock. I hike in fear, or I stop and don’t take another step forward.

If I am close to my guide, learning from him, soaking up his knowledge, and pursuing him closely, then I am in no danger because he knows every single step of the way. As I trust my guide, I live more freely. As I trust my guide, I am no longer lost. I have faith in my guide until the very end of the trail.

This is my God. I seek Him out and I watch His steps. I step where He steps. I go where He goes. And when I don’t know what is further up the trail, that is okay, because I take one step at a time with my God. My Savior. My Love. My Protector.

Sometimes these steps are cautious and slow, and other times I am running with Him. In Him I trust completely: at least, this is what I am striving for. It is one thing to say that I believe and that I trust Him. But to fully give myself over to His complete and total protection, I need to surrender every day. Give everything to Him. My thoughts, my words, my actions, my emotions, my doubts, my fears, my questions. Everything. Not one thing can I keep to myself because this will become a hindrance and a stumbling block.

Jesus, I trust you completely. I choose to trust You completely.

And therefore, this calling on my life that I know I now have, is possible.

Kari Staloch, Hope member, is a student at YWAM-Perth “Priceless” DTS which focuses on justice ministry, reaching out to prostitutes, refugees, and others with the love of Christ.