Riding on the Rims

Riding on the Rims

Jonathan and Jessica, my 15- and 14-year-olds, have been biking to cross country practice at the High school this summer. This last week Jessica was complaining about what a slow biker she was. “Everyone is ahead of me and I’m so tired, Mom!” Jonathan nodded in agreement, “She is slow, Mom. We were late to practice yesterday.” Jessica wanted me to drive her to practice but I said, “No.” She just needs to learn to peddle harder, I thought. I encouraged her to “keep on keeping on.”

The next morning Jessica got up a half hour early. I asked why she was up so early. She’s said she wanted to get a 30-minute head start so she could arrive at the high school the same time as Jonathan. Knowing that the high school was about a 15 minute bike ride away, Jeff, my husband, and I went out to the garage.

Sure enough, her bike tires were out of air. She was riding on the rims!

Jeff pumped up the tires and that morning, to her delight, Jessica rode to the high school with a smile on her face, keeping up with Jonathan all the way.

As I begin this new season of fall I want to talk to God about my own “bike ride”:

“Lord, am I “riding on my rims”? Come fill up my “tires” as this new school year begins! I desire a renewed delight in my journey, in parenting and in ministry.

Take a look at this life “bike” I’m riding and show me what needs changing.

Where do you want to infuse the power of your Holy Spirit so I can peddle well and be a blessing to the people around me. I’m sorry it takes me a while of “keep on keeping on” before I ask for your help. I need you, Lord, Amen.”

Heidi Connors, Minister to Children and their Families

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  • Pattie Juarez

    September 7, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    Mrs. Heidi,
    I so enjoy your updates on what the kids are doing. You are in my prayers as you start a new fall season.
    May you feel God’s presents as you and your team move forward.