A Crossover Community in the Courtyard Room

A Crossover Community in the Courtyard Room

Last night we began the first week in the 6 week video series “Discipline That Connects” for moms. First, a single mom from Hope came in and brought a cake to share with all the moms. Then another mom from KWAM came to help set out and serve water. Another mom helped  greet people at the door. More unfamiliar and familiar faces arrived. Suddenly there were 16 women in the room, half of them Latino moms that had connected with Hope through KWAM or the Preschool program over the last 5 years.

As we laughed about our shared joys and struggles in parenting I was so encouraged. Here we were in the same room, not just sharing space, but sharing life together! At the end of our time we broke into two smaller groups, shared prayer requests and prayed. Even as they struggled to think of the English words, some of the women were so articulate about their faith and desire for God’s Spirit to move in their children’s hearts, I was moved to tears. I want more of what they have in my life, I thought.

So last night we all crossed over.

Some crossed over Portland Avenue to come to the parenting class.

Some crossed over the tables to share with women from a different culture.

Some crossed over the room to make new friends.

Sometimes we’re excited to cross-over because others need Jesus, and we want to share Him.

But tonight we all seemed eager to cross-over because we all need more Jesus. And God knew that we would all be so blessed from what these new friendships have to offer.

Pray for this ministry and the fruit that will come from mom’s building new friendships while seeking to parent their kids with God’s help!


It will take MUCH cooperation, preparation, & invitation but oh how blessed we will be, Hope Church, as we make time and space to Cross-Over! 


Written by Heidi Connors

Minister to Children and Their Families