A New Season

A New Season

This new season in our lives has brought about many new exciting things. In October we officially started our roles as Hope Shores Co-Directors. Since taking on this new role, we have felt the support of many of you and God’s blessing upon this new season in our lives.


Leading up to the summer season we tried to prepare as best as possible, but didn’t really know what to expect. We can truly say that God has completely led us as we direct our staff, the campers, and many families through our first camp season. We recognize that it is the Lord who is at work here at Hope Shores; we are simply vessels he is using to fulfill his purpose in the ministry.


This summer we’ve been focusing on the promises of God and how He carries us through the unexpected seasons of life. We continue to see God’s promises more alive in our lives as we dig into our summer theme of Yes & Amen. We have seen his promises fulfilled for us personally as we depend on him for provision, fulfilled purpose, and his presence.


Campers come to Hope Shores with heavy burdens and families have prayer requests for specific situations they are facing. We can’t fix any of this ourselves, but can encourage them to fully trust in God’s promises and the change that living these promises out creates in our lives. One of our favorite parts of the summer is seeing campers of all ages grasp onto the theme as they learn more about God’s promises and how to apply them to their lives. It is a privilege for us to witness this!


Camp is a place where many find rest and assurance in their faith. It’s an incredible opportunity that as co-directors we get to be a part of God working in others’ lives. We are thankful to be a part of a ministry where God is restoring hope and renewing faith in many campers’ lives.


Yon and Megan Moya, Camp Co-directors