Hope Church is on a mission to create a crossover community—here in our metro area and around the world.

Jesus crossed over
from heaven to earth,
death to life to love us.

In the most radical, boundary-breaking act in history, Jesus moved toward us. His love moves us to worship him—and moves us toward one another.

Our mission is to create a crossover community—moved by Jesus, toward one another.

Our story

Hope Church was founded in 1954 in the heart of Richfield, Minnesota—and the size and diversity of city and church alike have grown rapidly since then. At Hope, the intersection of people is not just our reality but our mission: to create a crossover community gathered around Jesus’ love. A community where people of all ages and stages learn from each other, service and friendship are intertwined, and friends from near and far don’t just co-exist but see each other as neighbors. And each of us has a key part to play in building this crossover community. Because when we open ourselves to Jesus’ love, He moves us toward one another—so that our lives, neighborhoods, and the metro area might experience more of His perfect love.

Our pursuits

How we pursue creating a crossover community:
  1. Discipleship. Because God created us to know him.
  2. Presence. Because love draws near.
  3. Partnership. Because we can do more for the Kingdom together.
  4. Prayer. Because the Spirit is our compass.
  5. Imagination. Because God is always doing a new thing.
  6. Action. Because Jesus said “go.”

Our declaration

We won’t just share space.
We will cross over + share life.

We won’t just serve.
We will cross over + befriend.

We won’t just coexist.
We will cross over + co-create.

We won’t just say.
We will cross over + do.

We won’t just settle.
We will cross over + imagine.

Our preferred future

People of every age at Hope Church,
the ones already here
and the ones on the way,
will go
Deeper with Jesus,
Wider in the Kingdom,
and Closer in Community.