Answering God’s “Go!”

Answering God’s “Go!”

As I stepped into this summer I didn’t have concrete plans of what my three months off of school would look like. I had spent the past two summers working at Hope Shores Bible Camp and knew it was time for a change of pace and that God was asking me to be somewhere new this summer. Camp was comfortable and familiar to me but it was clear when it came time to fill out an application God wanted me to serve somewhere different but I wasn’t quite sure where I should go as I dealt with uncertainty in my health.

Around the same time Heidi Connors reached out to meet for lunch in February and began talking about the possibility of me working or being an intern for her this summer. I said I would think about it but I never saw myself working in a church. Soon it was May and I found myself on staff in Children and Family Ministries, a place I wasn’t expecting to go to, but the place I needed to be!

This summer our Wednesday night Drama Team has been working on the Bible story Jonah. Our theme for the summer is GO! As our rehearsals wrapped up Heidi asked the kids one night what they were learning from Jonah’s eventful trip to Nineveh. I was blown away as half of the kids’ hands shot up with various lessons they were learning from Jonah. Their answers varied from trusting God no matter where we go, God calls us to do hard things, God is always with us, and we serve a God who gives second chances. The kids got it.

I have been so blessed to serve young families in the Nursery and Preschool and work with kids on Wednesdays this summer. It is amazing to see what happens when we say yes to where God asks us to GO!

by Rachel Rock