Be Still and Know

Be Still and Know

Psalm 46: 10   “Be still and know that I am God.”

 Wrapping up my last thoughts on “the blog I’m not writing…” It came out of being laid up this fall with an infection after a routine surgery in my leg. I was forced to be still and it wasn’t easy. I was forced to slow down and watch life go by instead of being out playing in the mess of it. I was forced to sit there and wait and think and wonder.

Looking back I’m not sure I did so well sitting in the stillness of God. I’m not sure I fully embraced the waiting. It felt to me a little more like my mind was always racing ahead of my physical capacity and I was just waiting to get to the next phase and “do.”

Recently I was on a team that needed to do a lot of waiting. To wait on the Lord for just the right fit to come into our fold. I was impatient at times, wanting to force and move the process forward, but the team said “wait.” And so we did.

We fasted and prayed. We listened to each other. We moved slowly and we were still before the Lord, trusting that He would lead. And He did.

Why is it that I’m so like the disciples, who are asking the wrong questions in the presence of Jesus himself? Why is it that I think things can happen by my might and willpower and engineering?

I need to be reminded again and again – to wait. To be still before the Father and to know that He is in charge. To sit in the presence of the Lord, with no agenda, other than to know I am loved and forgiven. It’s only after this that I can be charged to “go.”

May you find times of great stillness in the presence of God as you invite Him in to your waiting.