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Moving Forward with Hope

This is an exciting time for our congregation to be moving forward with hope! We rejoice that our God is a God of hope, “filling us with all joy and

A New Season

This new season in our lives has brought about many new exciting things. In October we officially started our roles as Hope Shores Co-Directors. Since taking on this new role,

Sankofa Reflections

Words from the National Memorial for Peace and Justice (Montgomery, AL)   Long ago I was helped by the book I Know Just How You Feel…Avoiding the Clichés of Grief. The author,

Forgive A Lot A Lot

My husband, Jeff and I were invited to share a word of advice during a wedding this weekend. Below is the “script” we created and I thought it might be

Who Has Your Attention?

We wake up every day and are bombarded with things, images, people vying for our attention. Where should we focus? What should be our gaze? How do we engage our

Charitable Giving

2018 Charitable Tax Planning (Tax Advantaged Investment Accounts: HSAs, IRAs, and CSAs)   Many people have had Health Savings Accounts (HSA) in recent years.  They are investment accounts which allow employees to

Who Are We?

What is the destination toward which we are heading? These are questions every effective church must answer.   On April 2, 2017 – our exciting Launch Sunday – we unveiled  our Big