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Do Something

As I am writing this blog, I've just stopped watching a major network evening news show.  As has been a more frequent occurrence, I had to turn off the TV

Wonder Woman Goes to Church

  "You're not ready," Diana's Mom said to her. Everywhere she went, people told her: "No, you cannot enter the war room." "No, you can't fight Ares." "No, you can't carry

Hope Shores Mission Field

Yonathan and I are so excited to be the new Camp Co-Directors of Hope Shores Bible Camp and Retreat Center. It is with great honor and even greater humility that

Do you have room for one or two more?

Thanksgiving Dinner. Sweet potatoes covered with marshmallows, green bean casserole, 3-layered jello salad, a huge turkey with salty stuffing, multiple flavors of sweet pies. Most of this made me want

Living in Perilous Days of Evil

  Another senseless rampage. It's hard to respond anymore, isn't it? Our shock and horror has turned into a gut-wrenching, muted lament. Like Job, events often begin with a perspective that the

There Is Hope

"You know me. But do you really know me?" That was the provocative question that my friend Richard Coleman posed at a recent Bridge of Reconciliation meeting. Many people of good

5 Solas (+2)

Introduction by Pastor David Lenz October 31st marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Out of this era came five rallying cries that express foundational convictions of Protestant Christianity. They

With Grateful Hearts

As we sense this season of ministry drawing to a close, our hearts are filled with gratitude. Early in our ministry I remember a wise friend telling us, "Don't let