But It’s Worth It

But It’s Worth It


My favorite Cub Foods in Apple Valley is changing. They are rearranging things.

The eggs are not where I usually find them.

The milk section has moved to the other side of the aisle.

I felt lost trying to find the chips that were temporarily stored by the juice.

It took me a little longer to do my shopping, and I had to talk to more people to find my way.

As I was leaving, the cashier said, “This is going to take a while… but it’s worth it!”


It made me think of what’s happening here at Hope as we live into new language.

Ideas and programs might not appear where and how we usually find them.

People may start moving into new places.

And we may feel temporarily lost as we make our way through church planning.

This is going to take a while… but it’s worth it!

 One way Family Ministries is ‘rearranging things’ is by changing our summer plans. Instead of a week of VBX this year, we are going to bring back SUNDAES ON WEDNESDAYS and make room for people to “not just share space, but share life!” We will still have a DRAMA team that 10 year olds and up can be part of. They will use Wednesdays to prepare a smaller ‘show’ that everyone can come enjoy on our final SUNDAES ON WEDNESDAY. (Doesn’t this remind you of a neighborhood get together with a “kids’ play” thrown in the mix? Or am I the only one with that childhood memory?)

 We’re making room for something new and I bet some of you are excited to join us! Does anyone want to lead a lawn-chair team that makes comfortable seating for everyone?  Or would you like to help line up cones each week to make a safe pathway for kids to run and play in the field? Or perhaps you’d like to invite someone into this cross-over space? New Members from Hope? Couples you’ve wanted to get to know better? Neighbors or co-workers that would enjoy ice cream in a lawn chair? Just like Cub Foods, creating a cross-over community might take longer… and we’re going to need to talk to more people…but it’s worth it!