We won’t just serve; we will cross over and befriend.

Come, all who are thirsty, come to the waters.

– Isaiah 55:1a

Every one of us experiences need in our lives—be it spiritual or physical. Jesus longs to meet these needs—and provides us with the means to care for each other, not just in service, but in friendship.

Bring your needs—physical and spiritual—to Jesus and His people.

At Hope, we encourage one another to receive Jesus’ love every day—and we trust Him to provide what we need, often through each other. Click below if you are in need of low-cost clothing, a free meal, or prayer.

Ask a deacon for help.

Hope has chosen and ordained deacons to serve the members and neighbors of Hope in Richfield, Bloomington, and South Minneapolis who may be going through a time of need due to transition or crisis. They are empowered by the church to discern the types of needs we can assist with on a one-time or short-term basis. Hope also works closely with other community services agencies to meet needs. If you have a general need and would like support, reach out to a deacon.

Contact a deacon