The Hard Work of Finding Rest

We live in a culture that celebrates achievement and strives for success. We glorify self-made millionaires, highlight their accomplishments, and admire or even envy their drive. We work hard for

Rest in “Good Enough”

When Pastor Judie asked me to write a blog on rest I laughed out loud. Really. Because I think I’m about the worst person in the world when it comes

Time at the Beach

There is something about time at the ocean that allows me to enter God’s presence in a real way.  It’s a place that I find true rest.  I’m able to set

Stop Doing Stuff

I was busy in the kitchen cleaning one more dish, stacking one more paper, wiping one more spot on the counter and suddenly my 4 year old son screams, “Mom, stop doing


A year ago I went trap shooting for the first time.  My son had shown an interest in hunting so I asked some family members to teach us.  They took us to

The Struggle of Stuff

After I graduated from college, I was a Volunteer in Mission with the Presbyterian Church in the mountains of the very southeastern corner of Kentucky.  For nine months, with basically no training, I

Extreme Heat

The extreme heat of late August took its toll. Air conditioners ran non-stop. Crowds were down at the State Fair. Football and soccer games were canceled. And my