Crossover Summer: The First Five Weeks

Crossover Summer: The First Five Weeks

We are five weeks into our summer experiment in ministry. In an effort to live out our identity as a crossover community, we are having one service on Sunday mornings. I hope that you have been as energized by these morning services as I have. There certainly are challenges that come with planning a truly crossover worship service, but thus far the rewards have far outweighed the costs. Here are some of the highlights of the crossover summer for me:


Crossing Over Generationally

Psalm 145:4 says, “One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.” Hope is a multigenerational church, yet sometimes it can be difficult for generations to crossover. With everyone worshiping at one time, we have been able to experience the joy of worshiping alongside people of all ages. We are blessed by the way our older members can sing a hymn joyfully by heart. And we are blessed by the way the children draw us more deeply to the heart of God during the children’s message. What a joy to be able to see generations gather to give glory to God!


Crossing Over Musically

Our crossover summer worship has necessitated that we forge new paths stylistically. Each week holds something new and different, while at the same time retaining a sense of familiarity. This is purposeful as we have planned worship. Organ may not be your favorite instrument. Or you may cringe when the drums start to play. These are ordinary reactions: We all have musical styles we prefer. But as we worship together in new styles, I hope that you are finding that your worship is not limited by your preferences. Rather, our worship is limited only by God’s glory—and God’s glory has no end! What freedom!


Crossing Over Spiritually

Finally, I hope that you have been nourished in a new way this summer. We do all of this for the glory of God, that we might “know Christ and the power of his resurrection” (Phil. 3:10). Each person has experienced worship this summer differently, and God has spoken in unique ways to all of us. I cannot say what God might be doing in your spirit as we have embarked together on this crossover adventure. I do pray that the Holy Spirit is bringing you deeper with Jesus, knitting you closer in community here at Hope, and sending you out empowered to go wider in God’s Kingdom.

On June 3, we sang the refrain of “I Surrender All” in Lao.

The kids in the overflow worship space came forward to enjoy the children’s message.

We had our biggest ever men’s chorus sing on June 17!

By Hilary Ritchie