Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

2016 – 2017 Theme: Sharing the Story

The gospel of Jesus Christ that begins in the Old Testament and is fulfilled in the New Testament is “the greatest story ever told.”  Two years ago we heard the Story – training ourselves to become acquainted with (or perhaps more familiar with) God’s redemptive work through the chronology and people of the Bible. Last year we focused on what it means to live the Story – applying the high calling of Jesus and the principles of the kingdom of God to our daily lives, to our relationships with family and friends, to our work.

Now our emphasis is on sharing the Story. Jesus names us as his witnesses and ambassadors. He invests us with the incredible privilege and responsibility of telling the world who he is and how he loves us – that he is light and life, healer and hope, Savior and Lord.

1/1:        Therefore Now (New Year’s Day – one service at 10:00 am)
1/8:        No Other Name
1/15:     To Boldly Go
1/22:      Elizabeth and Hazel: A Story of Reconciliation
1/29:      A Conversation with Ron Hoekstra

January 1, 2017
One Service at 10:00 am
Therefore Now
Romans 8:1-6
David Lenz preaching

The Bible teaches us that we don’t confess our sin so that we encounter God; we confess our sin because we have encountered God. The more we experience the majesty and holiness of God, the more we will want to confess. As New Year 2017 begins, we have the joy of Sunday worship on January 1 – an excellent time to take stock of our lives, to confess sin, and to ask God to amend who we are. We do so in the blessed assurance that “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1).