Deeper, Wider, Closer

Deeper, Wider, Closer

Who are we? What is the destination toward which we are heading? These are questions every effective church must answer.


On April 2, 2017 – our exciting “Launch Sunday” – we unveiled our Big Idea: “creating a crossover community – moved by Jesus, toward one another.”


Our Big Idea honors our Lord Jesus, who crossed over from heaven to earth, from death to life. Our Big Idea expresses Hope’s unique calling and opportunity. God has given us many ways to cross over at Hope Church: crossing over the generations (isn’t it wonderful to be an intergenerational church?), crossing over among the nations and races (isn’t it wonderful to share space and life with our West African and Lao friends?), crossing over into our community (isn’t it wonderful to have such strong connections with Richfield schools?).


As the past year unfolded, our staff and session leadership found our Big Idea to be a dynamic organizing principle. “Crossover community” challenged us to think about our staff design, how we worship, how we shape our ministry programs and events, where we hold meetings and what mix of people participates.


But we knew there was more for us. We knew we needed to become clearer about the destination toward which we are heading.


Early on we had developed ministry goals that we summarized as “deeper, wider, closer.” Over time, God graciously kept revealing things to us. We began to see “deeper, wider, closer” in our beautiful logo. We have come to understand these three words as more than ministry goals; they are an expression of vision – “a clear picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be. Vision is a preferred future” (from Andy Stanley).


Therefore, with simple yet robust language, we name our Preferred Future in this way: “Deeper with Jesus, Wider in the Kingdom, Closer in Community.” We join our Big Idea and our Preferred Future to describe who we are and our destination:


Our Preferred Future as a Crossover Community

People of every age at Hope Church,

the ones already here

and the ones on the way,

will go

Deeper with Jesus,

Wider in the Kingdom,

and Closer in Community.


With great anticipation, we look forward to how God will be at work in us and through us as a crossover community going deeper, wider, closer. In the power of the Holy Spirit, let us proclaim Jesus and his kingdom boldly. And always, to God be the glory!


By Pastor David Lenz