Do Something

Do Something

As I am writing this blog, I’ve just stopped watching a major network evening news show.  As has been a more frequent occurrence, I had to turn off the TV prior to its conclusion.  I find myself becoming more and more overwhelmed with a feeling of despair about the world around me.  Perhaps others of you share some of the emotions; anger, sadness, helplessness and hopelessness that I seem to migrate through every time I watch or hear of the latest news events.  I thank God that my hope is in the Lord.  I often wonder how do people that don’t know Jesus, withstand the assault of this world?  Then I wonder what can I do?

I am reminded of a popular Christian song I’ve heard countless times on the radio titled “Do Something” by Matthew West.  I encourage you to search the lyrics if you have the opportunity.  I find the words quite motivating to do something to better this world.  Here’s my problem.  I’m not sure what to do exactly.  I do know that if more people knew Jesus, the world would be a better place.  I also know that Hope Church’s mission is to create a crossover community, moved by Jesus, toward one another.  This is a mission and purpose I can believe in; introducing more people to Jesus.

I was recently reminded by Pastor KC’s sermon that I am a steward of God’s creation and I am accountable for the proper management of the blessings provided to me; including the resources, talents and relationships he puts into my life.  It overwhelms me to think about making a difference on my own.  I know I need Jesus and I need a community of believers to come alongside with their time, talents, and financial resources to bring more people to Christ.

I am thankful to be a member of a church with active, thriving ministries that can join my resources with others to “Do Something” and make a difference in this world.  My prayer is that, as a steward of God’s creation, you’ll join with me to provide Hope Church with the necessary resources to make a difference this coming year towards creating an ever larger crossover community of Jesus followers, and to make this world a better place.  May God bless us one and all.

by Hope member Greg Dorenkamp