Easter Buzz

Easter Buzz

I can’t explain it. I always feel a distinct inner buzz on Easter. (You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?) The fact that we’ve been given the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead would explain this strange but fabulous sensation! It is an incredible energy-feel, an “eager expectation and hope” that Jesus will be honored—not only in our life—but also in our death.

I believe that the Easter buzz (I know you are thinking bunny) is the Spirit reminding us that we will one day hold the pierced hand of the one who saved us. The Easter buzz is the Spirit celebrating the day we get to embrace the one who has loved us all along and has filled our heart with love for others.

The Easter buzz feels like inexpressible joy. To live means having Christ—but the Easter buzz confirms that when we die, we’ll have more of him! “I am the resurrection,” Jesus said, “I am the one who brings people back to life—and I am life itself. Those who believe in me will live, even if they die.” What hope! What comfort! What peace! What a buzz! His power is evident in and through and over and beyond death.

The Easter buzz anticipates the day we’ll be filled with the fullness of God’s Spirit as heaven opens to disclose God’s glory. Our body is destined to a resurrected life. When Jesus returns, our body will rise from the dust and it will show his glorious love for us. It will be our body made new, an imperishable body in which God’s glory will be fully manifested for all eternity.

Enjoy the Easter buzz, my friends, and live each day with the trust that our good, good Father’s love is stronger than death.

Gloria Wiese, Minister for Discipleship