ECO: Seeking God’s Way

ECO: Seeking God’s Way

A report from the Eco National Conference:

Even though several of us were delayed more than a day in our flight to Houston due to MSP’s Monday closure, we jumped right in on Wednesday into a full time of worship, workshop opportunities, and church business.

On Wednesday, I was able to begin the day in worship, hear a plenary speech on leadership, attend 2 workshops (work with refugees in the U.S. and how to raise up new pastors), attend a plenary session with Dr. Condoleeza Rice (an ECO member from California), and hear a word from the Lord delivered by Pastor Kim at Communion. There were many other workshops prepared in response to the concerns of our young denomination. Hope’s pastors and elders attended them broadly. I haven’t had the chance to talk with those leaders at the time of this report, but we spread out to cover nearly all the events. (I should mention that our Cesar Castillejos also led one of the workshops.)

ECO is looking stronger and responsive. Churches have been added. We are being honest in our need for younger leaders and other growth. I was pleased to hear the honesty about a need for prayer.

My personal highlights were:

First,  listening to Dr. Condoleeza Rice speak about her faith walk and specifically how she held her faith In Jesus Christ, bringing that faith to her life in politics and governmental work. “The Church can reclaim its message where no person is seen as “other” or beyond redemption. Rather every life is able to be reclaimed in Jesus.”

Second, Pastor Kim’s teaching taken from the story of  the cleansing of the temple. The leaders in the temple had allowed the buying and selling to take place in a space that was meant for all people to approach worship. We are to be a place of HOPE (House Of Prayer for Everyone).

The two speakers, close together in time, explained the work of the denomination for the years ahead.

There were many other actions that took place throughout our time. I would be glad to talk in more detail with anyone who has further questions about our denominational gathering.

May ECO continue to seek God’s way.

by Pastor Bruce Hillyer